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Website Rating

Is your website responsive?

Is your website optimised for mobile search and navigation?

How fast do your pages load?

Is your website secure?

Is your site optimised for search engines?

Content Relevancy

Comment on the quality of your written content.

How long are your blog articles?

Have you written your content with a persona in mind?

How easy is it to read your content?

Are your articles aimed at a specific audience?

How often do you publish new content?

Brand Tone

How consistent is your brand tone across your channels?

Does the activity on your channels align with your business objectives?

Does your content have a sense of purpose?

Is the language used in your articles appropriate for its target readership?

Does your content use the correct tone of voice?

Are your personas clearly defined and do they guide your content creation?

Current Buyer's Journey

Do you know which of your web visitors are good leads?

Do you know why people come to your site?

Do you plan to deliver the right content at the right time?

Do you plan to deliver the right content on the right channel?

Current Reach

Do you engage with your active prospects on the right channels?

What return on ad spend do you get?

Are people arriving on your site organically?

How good is your direct traffic?

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